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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

94. Exploring Goodland

Our adventure on June 24 took us to Goodland.  We got to explore the city and look at the gorgeous architecture and interesting sites all around town.  We even made it to the High Plains Museum to see America's 1st Helicopter.  There are interesting dioramas in the museum.  You can pick up a telephone by each diorama and listen to the story about the diorama.   Angel thought it reminded her of Night at the Museum and how their dioramas come to life.  We talked about how much chaos would happen if this museum came to life at night.

The Dioramas
America's First Helicopter

Push the button to make the wings move

Great Architecture and Art around Goodland
Architect Charles Shaver
Wonder if he is a relative?

Our son thought this windmill was cool.

One of the coolest things in Goodland is the giant reproduction of the Van Gogh painting Sunflowers.  Angel read that a Canadian artist had been commissioned to make one giant reproduction painting for seven countries.  Goodland had been chosen for the United States because it is the Sunflower City in the Sunflower State.  What an honor!!  And, we finally got to have our picnic under this famous picture. 

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Jeff M. said...

Thank you for visiting the Topside of Kansas.