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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

80. Exploring Lindsborg

We stopped in Lindsborg on Memorial Day so, we found much of Lindsborg closed down for the holiday.  We loved what we could see though, enough that we decided we MUST come back and visit again when more businesses are open.

Stores being closed did not keep us from enjoying the outside at Lindsborg.  We did get to eat at The Swedish Crown.  Eric even got to sample some Swedish meatballs.  We also got to explore Hemslojd and take a look at the Swedish gifts.  The kiddos even got to color their own Dala Horses.  Angel got to show our daughter the Pippi Longstocking books and recommend she look for them at the library this summer.  If you ever visit Lindsborg, you have to take time to enjoy their Swedish heritage.
Angel loved the door harps.  :)
One must see in Lindsborg are the Dala Horses.  It is so much fun to go searching for them and to read their names and stories.  Angel loved "Salvador Dala" and our son even recognized the artwork in a book at the library later in the week.  I guess we are picking up some culture along the way. 

Angel was very impressed with the wheelchair accessible public restrooms on main street.  It was so nice not to have to search all over town and maybe not find any.  There were also great accessible restrooms in The Swedish Crown restaurant.

Eric found his new truck

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