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Monday, November 28, 2011

Moon Marble Company

Our next adventure the weekend of October 28-30 was Moon Marble Company in Bonner Springs.  This was an adventure that Angel had been looking forward to all year.  It was not a disappointment.  The shop was filled with gorgeous marbles--both to play with and collect.  It was also filled with fun, unique toys, many of which were a trip down memory lane.  It is impossible to let words describe Moon Marble Company, so we'll just have to let the pictures speak for themselves.  All I can say is that it is a feast for the eyes.

Maybe I need an inflatable Afro for Halloween  :)

We finally find tossing sticks after all the hard work looking for them.
Too bad we already have some.
One of the best parts was getting to watch them actually make a marble.  It was so amazing to watch the process from rods of glass into an actual marble.  And, it was exciting that this one was purple with gold moons and stars.  Do you think he made it Trego Eagle colors just for us???  :)  As amazing as it was to watch him make the marble--it was just as entertaining to listen to him.  Telling the history of Moon Marble and his own personal history making marbles was fascinating.  It didn't hurt that he was funny and his stories were lots of fun.  We all enjoyed the demonstration, but I think our son thought it was cool the demonstrator had been a boy scout and there was a boy scout troop visiting that day on a Go See It.  It was loads of fun for everyone.
The charge is double for whining on Saturday

The signs around the shop were one of the best parts.
Check out the private handicap bathroom out back.  ;)

Friday, November 18, 2011

University of Kansas

In a house divided, it only seems fair to hit both major Kansas Universities--KU and KSU.  Well, we had been to KSU earlier in the year (, so it was time for KU.  This visit was so exciting for our son.  He even got a KU coat from Great-Grandma on our way.  (Our daughter got a KSU hoodie and realized she maybe shouldn't have worn it to KU campus.)

There is no doubt you are in Jayhawk Country when you visit the KU campus.  Jayhawks are everywhere and it was tons of fun to look for them all over Lawrence.

This was our first trip to KU.  I (Angel) thought the campus was beautiful, but I decided I could never have attended college there.  The hills and distance between buildings are more exercise than I am looking for.  Especially now, that I am in a wheelchair, there would be no way to manage hills without becoming extremely worn out.  I guess I'll just have to support the team from the comfort of my own home.
Maybe our daughter will want to attend KU in the geophysics department

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fall Fun--Cottage Lane Pumpkin Patch

Our next fall adventure took us to Cottage Lane Pumpkin Patch in Ellis.  We have been here before and always look forward to visiting each year.  The kids always have a great time at the patch and especially enjoyed seeing some of their friends who had the same great idea.  They got to explore the hay bale maze, the corn maze, the petting zoo, get their faces painted, and ride the hay rack out to the patch to pick some pumpkins.  Angel did not ride the hay rack, so she just enjoyed looking around the shop until they all got back to weigh their pumpkins.  Sadly, it was too hot to really enjoy some hot apple cider. 

The kiddos favorite fall activity this year was the zip line.  They were a bit disappointed that the assistant kept catching them at the end and wouldn't let them keep hitting the hay bale tied to the pole.  Angel was relieved to see it was not too far off the ground, but the kiddos would have been happier if it had been higher.  Our daughter's feet kept touching the ground if she forgot to tuck her knees in.  That did not stop them from going on the zip line over and over.  They would have been happy if we had just let them do that all afternoon.  They had a great time!!!