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Sunday, June 12, 2011

79. Road Adventures

Exploring Kansas over Memorial weekend gave us an exciting variety of roadside beauty.  Angel had never traveled in Southeastern Kansas before.  We got to travel through the Flint Hlls and other places with hills and trees.

One of the problems with seeing such great scenery as you travel is that you have driven by before you can get a great picture.  We saw the first barn we've discovered on our adventures that was painted for Kansas' 150th birthday.  Unfortunately, we did not get a picture of it.  I guess that just means all of you will have to go out exploring on your own.  We also saw Sculpture Hill outside of Augusta.  No pictures of that either.  But, some really great memories of using old farm machiney to build insects and other creatures.  

We also got to see some interesting  bridges and strip mine areas as we travelled this weekend.  We went through southeast Kansas and also explored the center of Kansas, so we got to see a lot of varying terrain

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