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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

82. Kansas Motorcycle Museum

Our next adventure on Memorial Day was the Kansas Motorcyle Museum in Marquette.  If you are interested in motorcycles, make this stop.  The museum is full of different types of motorcyles as well as awards that have been won in motorcycle races.  Angel was a little nervous the entire time we were in there.  The curator was a bit nervous about the kiddos and warned them to always stay with us, no running, and do not touch the motorcycles.  Angel got nervous about trying to manuver a wheelchair without hitting anything.  I (Angel) could just see bumping one and having them all fall like dominos.  There is a section of the museum where you have to go down a ramp and directly at the bottom are motorcycles in a circle.  I could just see flying down the ramp and crashing into the bikes.  So, I waited for Eric to gently help me down the ramp.  We managed to see everything and finish our tour with no incidents.  WHEW!!!

We should make Angel's power wheelchair look like this

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