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Monday, July 25, 2011

108. Fly In at Hays Airport

Our adventure took us to the Fly In at Hays Airport.   We got to see all different kinds of airplanes--some sitting on the tarmac for us to explore and others as they flew in before they landed for exploration.  There were all kinds of fun activities to keep us busy besides the airplanes to explore.  There were model rockets to explore, Ident-A-Kid, a seatbelt simulator, Helicopter War Museum, a dunk tank, a fire demonstration, and the ever popular golf ball drop.The kiddos both liked the ball drop best of all and love to find a golf ball and turn it in for a prize.  I think that's their favorite part of the day.

Helicopter War Museum
You could even buy 3 minute helicopter rides
The ever popular ball drop

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

107. Kansas Brick and Tile

We added another surprise adventure to this weekend. We drove by Kansas Brick and Tile on our way to our other adventures and decided we would check it out at the end of our day.  Our daughter was so excited to maybe get to pick out a brick of her own.  She was disappointed that they do not sell bricks directly to individuals at this location.  Also, it was a bit disappointing that the museum is no longer in operation.  It was still very interesting to get to look around and see samples of the different kinds of bricks they manufacture at this plant.  It is even more exciting when you find out they mine the clay directly west of the plant.   Who knew there was a entire brick manufacturing business right in the middle of Kansas?
Used to be a museum at the plant

106. Journey to the Center of Kansas Part 2

Our second attempt to find the center of Kansas.  After our first failed attempt, we went home and Eric looked up the latitude and longitude coordinates on the internet.  So, we plugged them into our GPS and decided since it was near Cheyenne Bottoms, we would find it on this adventure.    Well, if we can trust the GPS, we think it led us there.  We found the center of Kansas in a field near Hoisington.  It is on private property, so we could only take a picture from the road, but I think we found the center of Kansas.

105. Cheyenne Bottoms

Our adventure July15th took us to Cheyenne Bottoms.  It is an amazing nature journey.  When people talk about Kansas, they often think of plains and flat landscape.  We have seen many varieties of landscape and nature throughout our journeys this year.  We have lived in Kansas most of our lives and I (Angel) was surprised and impressed to find this treasure in the middle of Kansas.  It was absolutely amazing to find the wetlands and the wetland wildlife on this journey.  We saw tons of water birds, turtles, fish, and even a deer or two.  :)  We even got to talk about Moses in the rushes and compare it to what we were seeing.

One side of the road is very dry.  They haven't let the water out from the other side of the road.  We found the signs warning about high water and impassible roads really funny since they were in front of completely dry areas of land.
We found an observation tower just off the road. 
How could you possibly make the wetlands wheelchair accessible?