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Friday, June 10, 2011

76. Exploring Dexter

Sunday, May 29th...One of Eric's must see sites in Kansas was the Henry's Candy factory in Dexter.  He has fond memories as a child of watching them make candy and then buying some to take home.  He wanted to be sure to share this experience with us this year.  

Be sure you call ahead and schedule your visit for whenever they are making candy...because they do not make candy every day, just when they need it.  We called ahead and were amazed to get to watch the process.  We watched from beginning to end and still could not tell you how they manage to get designs in their hard candy.  

Definitely check out the Mama Henry bar while you're there.  It is Tom Henry's original recipe...the one that the "Oh Henry" candy bar of today is made.


Eating the candy we watched them make

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