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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

74. Little House on the Prairie Museum

Visiting The Little House on the Prairie Museum was one of Angel's must see stops in Kansas this year.
Unfortunately, it is not wheelchair accessible, but Angel did not care.  I (Angel) could only peek in the door of the cabin, but the kiddos said it stunk anyway, so I think that may be OK I could not go in.  I was amazed at how small the cabin was and cannot believe 5 people lived in there.  I guess it truly was a "Little House on the Prairie."  The grounds had other buildings which were not accessible at all.  I did have Eric bump me up the steps to the gift shop.  :)

Ma's china shepherdess from the book

This journey made Angel go home and re-read the book.  It is just as good no matter how many times you have read it.  It gives a different perspective when you read about the little house after you have actually seen it.  We never realized the bed was built into the walls of the cabin until Angel re-read it in the book. 

The kids favorite part was seeing the horses and donkeys.

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