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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

94. Exploring Goodland

Our adventure on June 24 took us to Goodland.  We got to explore the city and look at the gorgeous architecture and interesting sites all around town.  We even made it to the High Plains Museum to see America's 1st Helicopter.  There are interesting dioramas in the museum.  You can pick up a telephone by each diorama and listen to the story about the diorama.   Angel thought it reminded her of Night at the Museum and how their dioramas come to life.  We talked about how much chaos would happen if this museum came to life at night.

The Dioramas
America's First Helicopter

Push the button to make the wings move

Great Architecture and Art around Goodland
Architect Charles Shaver
Wonder if he is a relative?

Our son thought this windmill was cool.

One of the coolest things in Goodland is the giant reproduction of the Van Gogh painting Sunflowers.  Angel read that a Canadian artist had been commissioned to make one giant reproduction painting for seven countries.  Goodland had been chosen for the United States because it is the Sunflower City in the Sunflower State.  What an honor!!  And, we finally got to have our picnic under this famous picture. 

93. Three Corners

 Our next adventure June 24 took us to Three Corners. The kiddos had a great time trying to touch three states at once (Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska).  The marker is in the middle of a pasture and is surrounded by cattle fencing.  We had an interesting time driving around to find it and got to see several of the historical markers as well as drive in Nebraska for quite a while.  Check out our previous blog to read about the historical markers.  The kiddos also learned an enjoyment for classic 80s rock.  They sure were jammin' in the backseat.

92. Arikaree Breaks and Historical Markers

We travelled to the Arikaree Breaks June 24.   We have been calling them the AIR-A-CARE-EE Breaks as we planned this adventure.  When we stopped in St. Francis and asked how to get to them, they were pronounce A-RICK-A-REE Breaks.  I guess we had been pronouncing them wrong all along.  We learned something new on this adventure.

We were excited about an outdoor adventure this weekend and came prepared to spend the day.  We had packed a picnic and Angel's power chair.  Well, the Breaks are fenced off.  So, we were disappointed that we could not get out and hike around and explore.  We had to enjoy the beauty as we drove along.the road .  It is absolutely gorgeous and you should definitely go see the Breaks, but don't expect to get out and hike around the Breaks.  There is no way to adequately explain the Breaks, even the pictures don't do them justice, but it's the best we have.
There are 350 red discs around the county that mark areas of history and geographic sites throughout the county.  There was no way for us to find all of them, but we did manage to find a few.  They are a lot of fun and help you understand the history of the area.  If you live close, maybe you could go on adventure to find all of the red discs.  When you do, let us know about it.
When you see this, you know you are about to enter the Breaks.