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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

88. Walter P. Crysler Boyhood Home and Museum

Our adventure on June 18 took us to the Walter P. Chrysler Boyhood Home in Ellis.  Angel was so impressed by the wheelchair accessibility, she would love to live there with running water and some modern kitchen conveniences.  The floors were wooden and very easy to roll on and the doorway were definitely wide enough and some were even pocket doors.  The master bedroom was on the first floor so even that was accessible.  The other bedrooms were upstairs and would not be fun for our daughter who did not like travelling the steep, rickety stairway.

The first bathroom in Ellis
(with no running water)

Angel wants a cabinet like this in her house

Besides the Boyhood Home, there is a museum filled with memorabilia from Walter Chrysler's life--including some automobile.  They are still in running condition and have been in parades.  They are currently without shelter from the Kansas storms, so if anyone knows how they can be sheltered or happens to have a building to donate, let the museum know. 

Angel forgot the Chrysler Building in
New York was built by Walter P. Chrysler

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