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Thursday, June 16, 2011

83. The Shepherd's Mill

The Shepherd's Mill was our first stop on our adventure June 4-5.  Who would have ever imagined there would be a fiber mill in Phillipsburg working with sheep, llama, and alpaca wool?  Well, there is and it is AMAZING.  We unfortunately did not get to see the looms all at work, but were still amazed by the process.  The looms are impressive enough just standing still.  I can't even imagine how awe-inspiring it would be to have them all running.

The kiddos were impressed with the mill, but especially the area where they got to work with the wool themselves.  There was a table set up where they could poke wool into the fabric and make fun pictures.  Both kiddos enjoyed it, but our daughter loved it so much she had to buy a small kit to take home and continue working with this fiber.  Even poking her finger did not deter her from her new found hobby.  It did encourage us to buy a first aid kit to keep on hand during our adventures.  Both kiddos decided the alpaca wool was the softest.

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