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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

90. Exploring Ellis

Our adventure June 18 took us to Ellis.  It was fun to drive around Ellis to see what all the town has to offer and even got to see some wildlife along the way.  We did not get pictures of every animal we saw, but we did get a few.  We saw deer, a couple of fawns, turkey, and a turtle in the road.  The kiddos wanted to take it home, but were satisfied that we just moved it to safety in the ditch instead. 


You don't see this everywhere in western Kansas
Sunflowers in the middle of the road
City Park (across from Railroad Museum and Arthur's Pizza)


One time when we were visiting Ellis, our son fell in this fountain,
Doesn't look like they learned to stay away from the edge.  :)
 We ate at Arthur's Pizza and Mexican Food.  We eat at Arthur's frequently and love not only the food, but also the great relationship with the wait staff.  It feels so comfortable and just like eating with friends (which it actually is).  Arthur's even has a portable ramp to pull out to make the entrance wheelchair accessible.  The wait staff will even meet us at the door to put out the ramp and hold the door open for Angel.  Thanks so much for how welcome you always make us feel. 

Eric deserved worse, but our waitress is too nice.
One of the kiddos favorite places to visit in Ellis is the Playland inside the Loves Travel Plaza.  They could stay here for hours.

Look for the fisherman on the south side of the river and west side of the bridge.
We always think it is fun to look for him.

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