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Sunday, June 19, 2011

86. Prairiesta


Our adventure the weekend of June 11 was at Prairiesta in Russell.  We had a hard time deciding where to go this weekend--there were so many great events all across the state.  We finally decided to do Prairiesta because it only happens once every 10 years.  Well, we were not disappointed.  It was a load of fun and we were only there for part of one day.  There is so much we did not get to see or experience.

We started our day with the parade and what a parade it was.  It is not every day you get to see a herd of long horn cattle being herded down main street.  I  (Angel) have never been at a parade with current politicians including the Governor of Kansas or  royalty like Mrs. Kansas. 

There were so many people dressed the part in "prairie" clothes, it was hard to always tell the difference between performers and spectators.  Our son was upset that we forgot his cowboy hat.
Buffalo Soldiers

Long Horn Cattle Herd

Eric's favorite float--the pooper scooper  :)

The politicians


The Royalty

The rest of the entries--The parade was over 1 1/2 hours long

Eric thinks we out to attach a sidecar to Angel's power chair

The kids favorite and least favorite float.  :)  We are a "house divide" least with the kids...Eric prefers Sci-Fi
The kiddos most favorite float--the big red bird advertising "wind power" 'cause it pooped shaving cream all over the road.
The kiddos had tons of fun before the parade with all the characters walking around.  There were clowns, cowboys, prairie ladies and kids, etc.  Our daughter had a great time learning how to work/juggle sticks.
One of the greatest adventures at Prairiesta was watching the heritage demonstrations.  We got to see broom making, wheat weaving, corn shucking, butter churning, rope making, and a rag rug loom.  The kiddos even got to make their own ropes.  It is definitely not everywhere that you can make your own rope and it was in gorgeous rainbow colors--they will definitely be able to tell their rope apart from any others just laying around.  Now, if we can only keep them from tying each other up.
We also got a chance to check out the historic Dream Theater.  It is absolutely gorgeous and happens to be the state's first fireproof theater.  They still have a single screen. but they also have 3D capability.  The theater itself is nicely wheelchair accessible, the restrooms, however, are not.  If you happen to know any way for the theater to create accessible restrooms while still maintaining the historic beauty, please let them know.  We thought about seeing the Classic Movie in honor of Prairiesta, but decided the kiddos did not really want to sit through a John Wayne Western anyway.  Oh well, the popcorn smell followed us down the street all day. 
There was so much to see and do at Prairiesta, there was no way to do it all.  We did manage to see the quilt show and the "Prairie Phenomenon" exhibit and the Deines Cultural Center.  They have an awesome wheelchair accessible restroom, by the way.  If you are ever looking for one, check out the Deines Cultural Center. 

We were so excited to find old-fashioned photos.  We have been looking for a place to take one ever since our son was born.  We (Eric and Angel) had one done on our honeymoon--then we took another one when our daughter was a baby.  We could not find a place to get one done since our son was born.  Well, lucky for us, Dale Schmitt Photography was doing a Prairiesta special.  We were able to borrow old tyme costumes and have a great family photo.  Our son was excited that he got to be a cowboy with chaps and Angel was excited her dress was long enough to hide her walking boot.  We cannot wait to be able to hang the series of family photos on the wall. 

Angel was excited to find a scrapbook store open on this adventure so she could spend some time shopping and even got some Prairiesta paper.  The kiddos said their favorite part of the day was playing the balloon pop at the carnival games.  They both popped a balloon and won a stuffed animal to take home.  Our kiddos also said it was the best day because they both got something they wanted from Encore Antiques.  This is a great store to visit if you are looking for just about anything.  It's not just the big green building in Russell--it is also a "green" building.  Stop in and talk to them about all the ways their business is "green" or helping out the environment.  It also has an amazing wheelchair accessible bathroom, by the way.

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