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Thursday, June 16, 2011

84. Riverless Festival

The Riverless Festival was held in Phillipsburg on June 4.  We decided to check it out and see what it was all about.  We did not get to every event, but we did hit most of them.  Our morning started with watching the Turtle Races. Eric even got to talk with one racer and found out his turtle was found at the Phillips Co. Golf Course.  It came in second during its heat.  How fun to watch the turtles and even find one to root for.

There were food and craft booths set up all around the court house.  They were set up so that they were completely wheelchair inaccessible.  They were around the courthouse facing the street--there was no way to maneuver the curbs to look at the merchandise.  Angel spent most of the day waiting on the street while the rest of the family looked at the booths.  Angel was able to maneuver the grass to see the final product of the kids face painting adventures.

There was also a car show set up downtown that was completely wheelchair accessible so even Angel got to see all of that.
We did make it over to see a few minutes of the horse show.

Angel got to see the house she has always called "her house" and looked for while traveling Highway 36 west of Phillipsburg.  Our daughter said if it was really Angel's house and she had ever really lived there, she would have to disown her and be totally embarrassed.

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