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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Journey to the Center of Kansas

The map of all our journeys so far

We decided to find the center of Kansas on our journey Memorial weekend since we would be in that area anyway.  Well, it was harder than we thought.  All we had was information from the Internet that the center was 15 miles NE of Great Bend in Barton Co. and a friend told us it was around Holyrood.  So, we took of to try to find it never imagining it would be so difficult.  Don't all Kansans love to claim interesting facts like that they are the "gateway to the center of Kansas"?  Well, apparently not.  We stopped in Clafflin and then again in Holyrood and asked where we could find the center of Kansas and nobody could answer our question.  Did we find the center of Kansas?  Possibly, but we have no confirmation of that.  Eric and Angel's Dad thinks it looks like it is directly in the middle of  Cheyenne Bottoms.  When we travel that adventure, we'll let you know.  Eric did more research when we returned home and we now have the actual latitude and longitude coordinates for the center of Kansas...So, when we find it we'll let all of you know exactly where to find the center of Kansas...a small hint is it's general address is some where near Claflin and Cheyenne Bottoms....


Seanpt said...

Not the center of Kasnas but

Shaver family said...

What a great article. We have already been to the geodetic center and plan to hit the geographic center. We didn't know about the halfway point between New York and San Fransico around Kinsley--maybe we'll have to check it out. Thanks for the info.