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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

75. Riverside Park and Zoo

We stopped at the Riverside Park and Zoo in Independence.  It was Memorial Day weekend and the putt-putt golf course, mini train, and carousel were just beginning to run.  Angel had called to make sure they were running while we would be visiting.  They were, but she forgot to ask about hours.  They were not running evening hours the day we were there.  Lesson learned.  Next time we'll be sure to ask more specific questions.


 The kiddos absolutely loved the park.  It was done in a nursery rhyme theme and had tons of places to run and play.  I don't think there could ever possibly be enough time for them to play in a park.  It was fun that it is run by the local Lions club and they have an awesome concession stand right in the park.

The kiddos thought the zoo was small, but it was peaceful and beautiful.  Eric really liked how it appeared they had used the natural landscape for the back of the cages and just put fences around the front.  Angel loved monkey island and the fact that it had been home to Miss Able, the first monkey in space.

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