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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

73. Big Brutus and Strip Pits

Not Big Brutus

Our next stop took us to Big Brutus--The Largest Electric Shovel in the World.  Angel did not get to explore Big Brutus.  She could not climb around in there.  But, that is OK.  She is not a big fan of heights anyway and would rather sit in the gift shop and read her book.  Our daughter said the experience was scary--she is not a big fan of heights either.  This was almost as scary as her trip on Disney's Tower of Terror last summer, but not quite.  Our son described it as awesome.  I guess the rickety floor and stairs did not bother him.  We just couldn't quite get over the size. 

Can you find the kids in the scoop?

The drive to and from Big Brutus allowed us to see the strip pits.  It is hard to believe they are all filled with water.  Especially when you are from western Kansas, it is not often you get to see so much water by the roadside.

Could this be a beaver dam?

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