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Monday, February 21, 2011

31. Fort Hays State Historic Site and Buffalos

Our adventure this weekend took us to Fort Hays State Historic Site.  We have been to the site before without the kiddos, but this was the first time we had been since they have made some major improvements.  The first part of the tour started with a video that told us about the history of the Fort. 

Then, the guide took us inside two different homes/quarters.  The second was not wheelchair accessible, but the curator brought out photos of the inside of the house so Angel could "view" the inside.  Along the trail, there were placards and statues representing each of the other buildings that had been part of the fort. 

Inside the building that housed the jail, we had fun checking out the inside of a jail cell and listening to recordings of different individuals meant to represent different people who had been part of the history of the fort.  The kids got to try on soldiers uniforms and check out the "Who Am I?" display to find out about the character on their ticket.  We were interested to read the prices and find out the price of canned peaches was not all that different from today.  We were serenaded by a bugle and also by Angel's cousin and uncle singing "Home On the Range."  It was absolutely gorgeous and an experience all of you should have.

On our way out of the fort we checked out the buffalos across the road.  They were all huddled together in their corral away from the road (it was probably to cold for them).  We'll have to come back and check them out in warmer weather.

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