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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

23. Big Ball of Twine and Ball of Twine Walk

Our official final distination of the trip was the World's Largest Ball of Twine.  We called ahead and were able to get some twine so that we could add to the ball and make it even bigger.  It started out at 7801 pounds and in 2006 was 17,886 pounds.  It is in its fourth shelter and just keeps getting bigger and bigger as tourists like ourselves keep adding twine to it.  It unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible, so Angel could not get up the steps to add her twine, but was able to watch from the sidewalk below.

After adding to the Ball of Twine, we followed the Twine Walk around Main Street to view the twine art in all the windows.  There are reproductions of many famous works of art, each having a ball of twine hidden in them somewhere.  It was a fun scavenger hunt to find the twine in each painting and we were able to do it.  The walk takes you by a reproduction of the barn that held the first ball of twine and a scene recreating the poker game that led to the naming of Cawker Ciry.  There are curb cuts in the sidewalks of Cawker City, but they all had freshly shoveled snow piled directly in the middle of the curb cut, so they were not usuable.  Good thing Eric can just bump me up over the curb and I can continue on our adventures.

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