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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

25. Exploring Downs

Our next stop was Downs.  We had forgotten to pack a lunch for this adventure, so we asked the locals about a place to eat.  They sent us to Bob's, a local convience store with a sandwich shop in the back.  They had yummy sandwiches you could order to your own specifications or wonderful specials of the day.  They also had delicious soups you could choose as well as potato or macaroni salad and of course, the kids favorite, soft serve ice cream.
Downs is also the home of the Missouri Pacific Railroad Depot and the Sod and Stubble monument.  I (Angel)  had never heard of the book, Sod and Stubble, and the monument and brochure about the historical driving tour peaked my interest.   I checked the list of 150 best Kansas books and it was on there. So, I ordered it via interlibrary loan from our library.  I cannot wait until it gets here and I can start that adventure.

Downs is also an exciting place to shop.  For such a small Kansas town, it has quite a booming main street.  One of the most unique stores we found was Lazy Daisy, a store full of Kansas souvineers and information.  We were able to talk to the worker about the sites to see in Kansas and pick up several brochures we did not yet have for our adventures.  There were several souvineers, books, shirts, etc. all about Kansas.  The woman was even nice enough to give us some KSU and KU items because we are a house divided.  She told the kiddos it was because they were so well behaved. :)   Thanks to her for the great information and items. Our daughter even wore her KSU hairbow to church the next morning.  There was also an exciting used furniture/household items store called Timeless Treasure.  Eric is always like a kid in a candy store in that type of store.  The pharmacy has a huge selection of scrapbook items.  It is enough to make an avid scrapbooker feel like a kid in a candy store.  It was near sunset at this time and Angel decided it would be better on the pocket book to continue our adventure rather than shop in that store.  Scrapbooks stores take hours to do them justice and we only had a few minutes.

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