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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

29. Sternberg Museum

Our adventure took us to the Sternberg Museum.  After seeing fossils discovered by George Sternberg earlier this year, it was nice to visit the museum named after his family.The museum has three levels. The first level is only the admission desk, gift shop, and meeting room.  There are elevators available to take you to the next two levels.

The second floor is full of fossils, Journey to South Africa, and Exploring Earth Science. (Our daughter loved this part because it was full of rocks.)  We learned why the  Blue Hills are named that way.  They are full of Carlilse Shale, some of which is Blue Hills Shale, but it is not necessarily blue in color.

The temporary exhibit and Hanson Gallery are also on this level.  At the time of our visit, the Gallery held an exhibit of John Cody's moth paintings.  Even our daughter, who is deathly afraid of moths, enjoyed looking at the paintings and thinking about doing her own art.

The temporary exhibit was all about dinosaur's beginning of life.  There were several exhibits about different kinds of dinosaur eggs and some fake digs where the kids could dig up eggs.  One great thing about the Sternberg Museum is how hands on some of it is and kids can really explore and get into science, not just look at exhibits while keeping their hands in their pockets.

The third floor is the kid's favorite.  There is a great diorama with animatronic dinosaurs that move and roar.  You are even warned "not to feed the dinosaurs."  There was a great fossil dig area for the kids to experience the excitement of finding fossils.  And, their favorite place is the Discovery Room--a place just for them to explore, touch, and learn all about science. We hear there is an outside exhibit in the works and cannot wait to come back and see it and whatever new traveling exhibits come to the museum.

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