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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

20. NW District Church of God Winter Rally

We have no pictures from this adventure.  But, we attended the Winter Rally for the NW District of the Church of God (Anderson,IN).  The District consists of all Church of God (Anderson, IN) churches in NW Kansas.  We all met at Hill City for a soup supper and enjoyed seeing and talking to people we may only see once or twice a year. 

After the dinner, we had a concert by a Kansas group of sisters, "Eternity Focus."  These girls are from Lebanon, KS and prove that great talent CAN come out of Kansas.  We started with about 20 minutes of praise and worship with the audience singing along and then the girls began their concert.  The harmony was absolutely gorgeous.  I (Angel) have always believed that siblings naturally can produce great harmony and this group was proof of that.

They also had wonderful vidoes on screen during their songs.  Unfortunately, I (Angel) have a brain injury and cannot effectively multi-task.  I could not watch the screen and listen to their songs at the same time.  So, I spent most of the concert with my eyes closed so I could focus on the gorgeous music.

The concert was amazing and definitely worth making the effort to make this adventure.  The lead singer said she was fighting a cold so her voice wasn't at the top of her game.  It makes me want to hear them again when she is at the top of her game.  It was already amazing.  Our daughter loved it so much that she wanted a CD for her spiritual birthday present.  It is quite a testimony to great music when both mother and daughter enjoyed it;

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