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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

30. Exploring Downtown Hays

Our exploration of downtown Hays led us to many exciting places.  We had lunch at the Soda Shoppe.  It is a fun place to eat and has great lunch specials Monday-Friday.  We just happened to be there on a Saturday, but if you can go during the week, do it.
Downtown Hays has a wide variety of stores and you can definitely find something you are interested in.  We looked at antique shops, music, gifts, Christian books, etc.  We were saddened to find the Good Book Store in closing.  It was always one of our favorite places to stop in downtown Hays.  The arcitecture on the buildings is interesting to look at as you walk along.

There is also an interesting historical walk downtown.  There are informative placards along the road in the historic Chestnut Street District.  It was fascinating to read about what Hays was like in its beginning.  It was saddening to read about violence and death on every stop along the way.  Our daughter was frustrated that there was so much violence in early Hays.  Guess that is why they called it the wild West.  I am sure things will be just as shocking, if not more so, when we get to visit Dodge City and read about all the history there.
We noticed that Hays is yet another city where the snow is not swept from the curb cuts.  In fact, sometimes it appears to be piled there.  Maybe snow removal workers should spend some time in a wheelchair and to see what areas need cleared off.

It was an exciting moment for us to discover that a new insect has been discovered at Ft. Hays.

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