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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

26. Blue Hills and Ghost Town

We drove the Blue Hills drive at sunset.  We are not exactly sure why they are called the Blue Hills, but they are absolutely beautiful none the less.  Anyone who think Kansas is flat and boring just does not know where to look.  They need to get off the beaten path every once in a while and really look at the scenery around them.

Along the Blue Hill Drive there is a ghost town--Covert.  When discussing lookin at a ghost town, the kids thought for sure there would be ghosts.  We even discussed calling Ghost Hunters.  As we drove along, the first thing we saw was a cemetary which we decided was the actual "ghost" town.  We thought the abandoned and falling down buildings were not really all that much different from buildings all over Kansas. 

Along the Blue Hills Drive there were probably around 100 deer in just a few miles.  We saw 2 or 3, then a bunch of 30 or more, then another few, then another bunch.  They were absolutely breathtaking.  We have driven around Kansas many times in our lives and have never seen so many deer in so few miles.  The kids were excited because seeing deer means ice cream.  We were just thankful they stayed off the road and off the bumper of our vehicle.
Eric said spring must be here because the skunks were out in full force.  Guess that groundhog was right after all.

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