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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

27. Stone Gallery

Our adventure the weekened of February 11 took us to Hays.  We began with the Stone Gallery and searching for the 22 statues around Hays.  We intended to stop at the Stone Gallery and hopefully get to watch Pete Felton at work.  However, there was snow all over the ground and we were not up to the adventure to trek through the snow and see if the Gallery itself is accessible.  I'm going to guess not because it appears to be in a home.

FHSU Students

So, we spent the next couple of hours driving around Hays locating all the statues.  It was interesting to really take a moment to look at the statues we have driven by many times and not really paid attention. We even took the time to drive out of town to visit the statues there.   The kiddos took the drive time to take a nap.  Our daughter woke up at the  very end wanting her camera for the rest of the tour, but feeling very rested.  :)

Monarch of the Plains
Historic Fort Hays
Angel called this a "monkey" when she was little

Early Settler
Boot Hill Cemetary

"Buffalo Bill" Cody

Two Children--Washington School




It was interesting to read about Mr. Felton's work around Kansas.  We have already seen the statue in Hill City, took time to see the ones in WaKeeney this weekend, and cannot wait to see the rest around the state.

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