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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

17. Gallery of the Also Rans and Stagecoach Station 15

We visited the historical sites in Norton.  We began with the Gallery of the Also-Rans.  It's a museum containing photographs and stories of all the "unsuccessful Presidental candidates."  The museum is not wheelchair accessible--it is on the second floor of the bank and has no lift.  However, the curator had set up information about the museum on the first floor of the bank and did her presentation there and let us look at a book she had made and even pulled up the website.  You can view the pictures and stories on the website even if you can't get upstairs to see the gallery itself.  (  It was interesting to hear the history of the gallery as well as its connection to Stagecoach Station 15 before we headed out that direction. 

The Curator with the Newest
While the rest of the family headed upstairs to view the gallery, Angel stayed on the first floor looking at the book of pictures and the gallery.  When they came back downstairs, the curator was more than happy to answer any questions Angel had after looking at the book.   Many of the "Also-Rans" were also Presidents of the United States.  It just goes to show you that even if you are "unsuccessful" or an "also-ran" you should never give up on your dream and always do your very best and reach for the stars. 

Our next stop was Stagecoach Station 15 which was a stagecoach stop for a few months and happened to be a stop for one of the "also-rans," Horace Greeley.  Currently the station is in a park, which gave the kids a place to play on the equipment and burn off some energy.  There is a button on the Station which will tell you the story of Stagecoach Station 15 while you look at the exhibits on the inside.  This is a site of such historical significance, it should be treated with great care.  Someone out there should take it upon themselves to care for Station 15 and sweep and dust at least once a month or so.  The bugs and cobwebs distract some from the story and historical significance.  This might be a great project for some community organization or even a high school club.


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