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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

16. The Penokee Stone Man

Our first stop on this leg of the adventure (January 28-30) was the Penokee Stone Man Exhibit at the Graham County Library in Hill City.  Interesting that it is the only known human effigy in Kansas.  Even more ineteresting to me (Angel) is that I grew up in Norton and have been to Graham County several times during my life and have never heard of the Penokee Stone Man.  How can you go through most of your life and now know you live only miles from Kansas' only known human effigy?  No one knows for sure where he came from, but the guess is that it was created by Native Americans.  I am glad that when I learned about the Penokee Stone Man, I did not go in search of it myself, but visited the exhibit with the aerial view.  There is no possible way I could have found it myself from the ground when it is sometimes difficult to see even from the air.

Stone Sculpture outside of Graham County Library
by Pete Felton



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Sherry said...

Gotta love a library! :-) The sculpture is great. Looks like Hannah!