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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

22. Exploring Alton

We stopped in Alton to see the history of General Hiram Bull.  (Alton used to be called Bull City).  We were pleasantly suprised to find several other treasures we did not know about.  We began our exporation of General Bull with the historical marker by the post office.  We were able to visit his grave at the local cemetary where it told he was killed by his pet elk.  The elk horns are on display at the Osborne County Courthouse, but it was closed at the time we tried to visit.  Our kiddos said that is why you should never have a wild animal as a pet--it might just act like a wild animal and you would get killed.

We found a Welcome Center for Kansas Explorers, which is really a private home.  We did stop and talk to the gentleman who told us what all we should see in Alton.  He told us about the Alton Bluffs with the three crosses where they have Easter sunrise services and encouraged us stop by and visit.  He also recommended the cinnamon rolls at the cafe.  Eric and the kids hiked up to the crosses and came back to the vehicle with very muddy shoes, jeans, coats, etc.  They had to take a moment to clean up before our adventure could continue.

We stopped at the cafe because of the recommendation of the Welcome Center for Kansas Explorers.  He was right, the cinnamon rolls were amazing.  It was quite a nice surprise to find the owner to be a long time friend of Angel's family who had just moved back to Kansas a while ago.  The restaurant has such a pleasant atmosphere and there is even a stage with a piano for live music sometimes.  The pies looked absolutely amazing.  I am sure all the food was as good as the cinnamon roll.  We just were not there at the right time for a full meal.  Maybe we will just have to make a stop at the cafe in Alton part of another adventure just so we can enjoy a full meal there.  Angel was especially impressed with the cleanliness and accessibility of the restroom.  Sometimes finding a wheelchair accessible restroom has been an adventure in itself.  You will not have a problem if you stop at the cafe in Alton.  :)

Alton is also the birthplace of Russell Stover

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