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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

18. Exploring Norton

We explored Norton on Saturday, January 29--Kansas Day.  :)  We explored this city by exploring fun places to eat as well.  Breakfast was at Whitefields Coffee House.  It has amazing donuts, coffee, hot chocolate, and smoothies.  It is affiliated with Daylight Donuts and it is one of the kids favorite places to go when visitng Grandma and Grandpa. 
Lunch was at Pure Prairie Natural Foods, they sell organic foods.  We had amazing soup/sandwich lunches in a relaxed atmosphere.  Jim Rowh is not only the owner, he is also the waiter, chef, cashier, organic farmer, etc.  We got to experience amazing homemade bread on our sandwiches made with Kansas wheat.  When asked what was their favorite part of the weekend adventure, our son chose lunch at Pure Prairie.  He loved his tuna fish sandwich and carrot cake.    
Supper was eaten at Adventures.  This is Angel's favorite place to eat in Norton.  It has great hamburgers, as well as a large variety of food.  They even serve prime rib on Saturday nights.  Angel says it has the best soft serve ice cream she has ever experienced.  Sad to say, Adventures is currently for sale.  If you are interested, contact them about your interest.  Angel says whoever buys it better keep that yummy ice cream.  :)

We also explored the downtown shops.   There aren't very many left on main (or actually State) street, but there are some amazing treasures just slightly off the main drag. 

One of Grandpa and our son's favorite is EndZone--it contains items for hunting, other sports, shoes, and office supplies.  There are mounts of different animals displayed around the store.  It's perfect for the hunter in your life.  One of our favorite displays is the black bear--mostly because it was shot by the kids great-grandpa.  They always ask to go see "grandpa's bear."  Our son even saved his spending money to buy something at EndZone instead of buying a toy like his sister at Pamida (her favorite part of our adventure)
Yet another hidden treasure is Destination Kitchen.  If you are looking for specific kitchen items, check Destination Kitchen.  This is also a great spot for lunch and amazing baked goods.  It is one of Angel's favorite spots in Norton.

Exploring Norton also led us to the library.  It has tons of books and programs for all ages.  The Norton County Library also has a Kansas/Geneology room where you can research geneology and read tons of Kansas books.  Angel recognized some of them as being on the "150 'best' Kansas Books" list.  It's nice to have an easy place you can go to research Kansas if you want.

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