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Monday, March 14, 2011

Dinosaur Train at Sternberg Museum

Dinosaur Adventure Days at the Sternberg Museum
We got to have an exciting adventure at Sternberg Museum March 12.  It was Dinosaur Adventure Days sponsored by Smoky Hills Public Television.  It was all about Dinosaur Train the PBS Kids Show.  That show was our son's favorite show when we had cable.  He felt the need to tell people all weekend that we no longer have cable; we only watch movies.  I guess we arrived at the museum at just the right time because while we were in line for the kids picture with Buddy, we overheard that the line to get into the museum was now out into the parking lot.  The kids got to meet buddy and get a dinosaur tatoo, plus make a dinosaur craft, and watch an episode of Dinosaur Train.   We noticed our good timing again during the crafts.  When we arrived, there was plenty of room for the kids, but by the time we left they were needing to set up more tables to make room for all the kiddos.  What a great adventure.

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