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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

41. Kansas State University

After Angel's interview, we all ate lunch at Call Hall's Dairy Bar.  They have amazing sandwiches and lots of yummy ice cream choices.  We all had something different and shared a bite with each other.  There were groceries to buy as well (milk, eggs, cheese, meat, ice cream, etc.)  Most products are from the KSU farm units.  Eric and Angel decided if they lived close to Manhattan, they would buy groceries from the Dairy Bar. 
Our next stop took us to the KSU Gardens and Insect Zoo.  We found a little bit of life in the gardens but Angel decided she would like to return someday when it is more in bloom.  The sundial in the garden was off a couple of hours.  I guess nobody told the sun about daylight savings time. 

Our next stop was at the Insect Zoo.  We did not know what to expect and our daughter even said, "Why an insect zoo?  You can see bugs outside anytime."  Well, when we were done, even she decided it gave her the opportunity to see insects and arachnids she would never otherwise see. 
There were live insects/arachnids as well as displays of bugs like you might see in a science class somewhere.  Our favorites were the glow-in-the-dark scorpion, the tarantulas (including one name Bellatrix--Go Harry Potter!!), the honey bee hive, and the toys, puzzles, dress up area.  Our kids got the opportunity to touch a hissing cochroch, a millipede, and a tarantula.  They even had baby tarantulas for sale.  We did not come home with one, but if you are looking for one, now you know where to find it.
There was also interesting educational information around the zoo.  Angel did not love seeing the kitchen set up and the jars of bugs that may be living in your home with you.  The cut out floor of the refrigerator where you could see roaches living underneath was a bit unsettling.  Also, learning about cochineal bugs and what products they help dye was interesting.  I (Angel) know I'll be thinking twice about what lipstick I put on my lips. 
Seeing K-State was grade school kids provides such a different view of campus.  We did spend some time looking at buildings and talking "college."  We even showed our daughter Manhattan Christian College campus and discussed the possibility of living there and taking classes at both schools.  We also discussed the possible danger of crossing busy campus streets with ear buds in your ears so you cannot fully hear traffic.  However, without grade school kids, we may not have had great ice cream at the Dairy Bar or seen the Insect Zoo.  I know we would not have had our son tell us he found Dori (from Nemo) in the Alumni Center aquarium.

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