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Thursday, March 24, 2011

47. Oz Museum

What an exciting moment to take the "road to Oz."  Angel was very excited about this trip.  She has always loved the Wizard of Oz.  She used to watch it every year when it was on TV and was hoping the kids would love it just as much.  Well, no one was disappointed. 
All the main characters are spaced throughout the museum and the rest of the area is filled with various Wizard of Oz  memorabilia.  I (Angel) would definitely recommend getting the Audiotour which you can listen to as you tour the museum.  I  thought I already knew almost eveything about Wizard of Oz, but even I learned all kinds of things during the audiotour.

Angel's favorite character
The kids enjoyed getting to sit and watch various video clips throughout the museum.  They really enjoyed the theater area that is playing Wizard of Oz.  It was tough to get them out of there, but telling them we would watch it when we got home helped.  We had to have a Wizard of Oz movie party after we got home.

The most interesting story was the one of these plush characters.  They were purchased from a New York store right before 9/11.  After 9/11 happened, they arrived safely at the customer's home.  They had been mailed before 9/11 and arrived on 9/13.

Our Wizards
Eric's favorite Wiard of Oz interpretation

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