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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

32. Exploration Place

Exploration place is an awesome place of learning and exploring.  There is no possible way to put into words how awesome it is. . .so we'll try telling the story through pictures...each area had its own name/theme.  The kids loved it so much they said it was even better than the Sternberg (Hays) and Leonardos (Enid, OK) combined.  That is a high compliment coming from them.

Exploring Flight and Design

 Kid's Explore Castle

Our daughter's coat of arms



The Beanstalk

Exploring Our Only Home

Included lots of areas to explore Kansas flowers, animals, bugs, etc. and do hands on activities

Waiting for the tornado to form
Decomposed fake rat
Our son's favorite exhibit



Tornado Simulator

The kids also got to ride in a Combine simulator


Kansas in Miniature
An awesome train setup with Kansas landmarks and buildings


Kinex:  Building Thrill Rides Travelling Naional Exhibit

Megalodon: Larget Shark that Ever Lived
Nationl Travel Exhibit

Now we understand how Jonah could have been in the belly of a fish
Angel said a choir could fit in there (watch Jonah: Veggietales)

There was also a special event happening while we were there  The SciGirls had set up centers at which you could do experiments, booths with WSU Science Professors, and periodic lectures you could attend.  This was our daughter's favorite part of the museum.  She got to build her own roller coaster, play with nano sand and nano fabric, visit the booths, do a Ph Balance test of pond water, and challenge her dad and brother to see who could make the fastest wind turbine.

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