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Thursday, March 24, 2011

49. Along I-70 Adventures

There is much to do even on your travels to or from the adventure.  All you have to do is get off the highway and explore.  We decided to visit Chapman because it was St. Patrick's Day weekend.  Chapman has Shamrocks all over town and really celebrate their Irish heritage. 

Chapman was victim of a tornado while Eric was at summer camp
at Camp Webster one summer.
Glad to see they have a community shelter.

One of the great stops along I-70 is the Russell Stover candy factory and shop.  We had already been to Alton, the birthplace of Russell Stover on an earlier adventure.  We could not tour the factory, but we did enjoy shopping in the store and smelling all the great chocolate.  We each got a little something yummy to eat.  While you are there, check out the bloopers--they still taste just as great going down.

There is also a windfarm along I-70. We know there has been a lot of debate about windfarms and many do not want to have to look at them every day.  However, we think they are beautiful and look forward to the chance to drive by and get to see them working.  Check out the windmill in the picture.  It is dwarfed by the new "windmills" surrounding it.  What a great way to use to natural resources God has given us.

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