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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

33. Eating Adventures from Wichita and surrounding areas

We had an eating adventure this weekend, choosing to eat at Wichita and Augusta original restaurants.  Our son wanted most of all to eat at Miller's Five Drive-In in Augusta.  So, we had lunch there.  The food is awesome and the ice cream cones are huge.  :)  Eric was a bit disappointed that the hot dogs are cooked like regular hot dogs instead of split and grilled like he remembered as a child.

We also went searching for two Wichita originals--Pizza Hut and NuWay.  We happened to find the original locations and got the opportunity to sample some of their food.  Angel would highly recommend the homemade root beer at NuWay.  It was the highlight of her visit.  You cannot eat at the original Pizza Hut location any longer so we had to get our pizza at another location.  That does not matter.  It is still just as yummy.
We did not get to visit Spangles--another Kansas restaurant.  We will hopefully get to do that later.  It is one of Angel's favorite places to eat.  The chocolate banana shakes are amazing.

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