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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

44. Mulvane Art Museum

The Mulvane Art Museum is a must see--especially if you have kiddos--and YOU must we were not allowed to take photos.  It is on the campus of Washburn University.  Even the art in front of the building is amazing.  Angel would have loved to have little hideaway huts made out of branches in the yard when she was growing up.  There is no better place to curl up with a good book and dream the day away.

The current exhibits were about the Beetles.  Our son loved sitting and watching the Beetles concert on TV while the rest of us looked around.  There were also exhibits by Kansas artists and by Chinese artists.  The artwork was for sale, so if you are looking for a nice piece for your home or office, you know where to look.  Unfortunately, the kids' piggy banks do not have enough money in them for them to buy a piece for their room.  Angel loved the Kansas art in the Surface and Form exhibit, but was a bit disturbed by the art in the other side of the gallery that showed a car all crunched up after a crash.  She could not understand why anyone would want to look at that everyday.  She cannot even look at the photograph of her car crash ever.

Then, we headed downstairs to the ArtLab.  That is a place where all ages can work on creating their own art.  There are different stations set up to teach you concepts like mosaic, imprinting, chalk drawings, etc. and then an activity to create your own art and a station where you can create your own label like the art hanging in the museum.  The main tables were set up to draw with crayons and then paint over them.  It was very fun to watch everyone being creative.  There is even a rock wall set up in one area so you can find cave drawings and create your own with chalk.  What a great way to spend time on a rainy afternoon.

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