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Thursday, March 3, 2011

35. Exploring Downtown Wichita

Keeper of the Plains
Museums on the River

Downtown Wichita is an interesting place filled with lots of culture, interesting architecture, and things to do.  Downtown also includes Museums on the River with museums for any interest.  Downtown also includes the Crown Uptown and the Orpheum Theater which have lots of different venues for you to explore.
When exploring downtown Wichita, make sure you check out the sculptures on Douglas Avenue between Main and Topeka.  There are 13 sculptures and it is a lot of fun going on a sculpture hunt.  We don't recommend trying to do it in rush hour traffic.  We had to hunt again the next day so we could actually see the sculptures.

One of the interesting places in downtown Wichita is Veterans Memorial Park.  There are memorials to several different wars and branches of the military.   Probably the most interesting is the Bicentennial Flag Memorial.  Our daughter noticed immediatly that not all flags had 50 stars.  No matter when you or your loved ones served our country or what branch of the military, this is a very moving park and you will find a memorial that touches your heart.

One of our stops downtown was Gander Mountain which we know is not exactly a Kansas landmark, but it was fun anyway.  There are cool sculptures of animals, animal mounts in the store, and even a "lodge" you can rent for a meeting space.  The kids loved squeezing into the small car cart like a clown car.
Angel said if she ever lived in a big city she would want easy access to downtown so she could readily enjoy the culture and excitement.

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I've always loved Keeper of the Plains.