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Monday, March 14, 2011

38. Fossil Station Museum

The history of Russell can be found in the Fossil Station Museum.  This really
has nothing to do with fossils.  The town was oringinally called Fossil Station.  Interesting tidbit that the town buries time capsules, which are then opened every 10 years at thier Prairiesta Celebration.  The museum tells the history of Russell, including its notoriety as being the hometown of two U.S. Senators, Bob Dole and Arlen Specter.

Our son was fascinated by the history of the Native Americans from that region.  He spent several minutes talking to the curator and looking at the artwork that depicted the Plains Indian Raid of the Railroad Workers.  I wouldn't be too happy if something desturbed my food supply and I couldn't see how it could make my life better either.

The Fossils at Fossil Station Museum

Limestone replica of first U.S. Capital
by George Dumler

The Fossil Station Museum used to be the jail and sherriff's home.  I (Angel) cannot imagine trying to raise my family in the house with prisoners in the next room.  I hope the house was soundproof.  I don't imagine some of the language they might hear would be appropriate to repeat at school.

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