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Monday, March 14, 2011

39. Exploring Russell

Bob Dole's Childhood Home
 While exploring Russell, we did some of the natural tourisy things (like finding Bob Dole's childhood home) but we also found some other great attractions in Russell.  The kids loved playing at the park and we later discovered it was designed by Russell school kids and put together by the community
We also had the opportunity to spend a little bit of time exploring the shops of downtown.  Angel was sad the scrapbook store was closed.  :(  We had a lot of fun having a picnic out the back of our vehicle.  What a fun way to spend the afternoon.  We were also fortunate enough to get to visit Encore Antiques and Collectible.  We had been encouraged to visit and told it was very wheelchair accessible.  Well, we did visit and can say for sure that it is accessible.  There is a ramp to the front door, Angel had no trouble getting her wheelchair around in the store, and the bathroom is very accessible.  Besides antiques, there is a nice selection of snacks and handcrafted items.  Angel decided this was maybe her favorite part of the adventure because she found a watch part she had been looking for for years and they carry her favorite sunflower cookies.  Plus, it was tons of fun to get to talk to one of the owners (who has been following our journeys) and share a Cane Sugar soda pop while talking about the adventures we've had and the ones yet to come.  Thank you for such a great treat.  We love sharing part of our adventures with others and getting to see old friends or make new ones.

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Sheryl Krug, Crystal Craig, Ward Craig said...

So glad your trip to Russell was full of fun! You are welcome to stop by Encore on your way to the adventures in your future! Keep those kids busy learning more about our state!