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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

51. Exploring Yoder

We decided to visit the town of Yoder on this adventure.  Not everywhere can you see buggies driving down the street or parked in front of stores.  Our son went on a search for horse poop, but did not find any until the parking lot at our hotel in South Hutchinson.  Makes you wonder where all that poop goes.
We happened to be in Yoder during the Parade of Quilts, so we were lucky enough to see several of them all over town.  They are absolutely gorgeous.  Eric is so appreciative of the work that goes into each and every quilt since his grandmother was a quilter and he got to watch her do some quilting work.

There are several fun places to shop in Yoder--not bad for a place that small.  We were impressed with Kansas souvenirs and hand packaged snacks.  We were most impressed by the variety of fudge--enough impressed that we had to go home with some.  :)
We had been told by several people to check out Carriage Crossing Restaurant.  Well, we were not disappointed.  Eric says I (Angel) only thought it was so good because I was so hungry, but I disagree.  It was absolutely amazing and the best part was the homemade bread and butter.  It didn't hurt that the waitresses were all wearing KU shirts to support them during March Madness.

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