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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

46. National Guard Museum and Museum of Military History

When looking for more inside adventures due to the rainy day, our son picked the military museums: The Museum of the KansasNational Guard and the Holley Museum of Military History.  Angel's Dad had served in the Kansas National Guard and she had told him we would not be seeing the museum on this trip.  Just goes to show you never say never.  Plans do have to change every once in a while.

I think both kids loved the National Guard Museum.  They were challenged to find certain objects during their visit and would be rewarded with cool pencil sharpeners if they completed their task.  They both took off like a shot to complete their mission.  Our daughter had her camera with her and took pictures of all the dolls on her quest, so she had great evidence.  Our son had to show the biggest, smallest, and oldest weapons to the curator to prove he had completed his mission.

They currently have a very cool replication of the MASH Swamp.  It looks exactly like the TV set and you can watch episodes of MASH playing on a TV in that room while you are visiting the museum.  We're not sure the kids loved the Swamp that much, but Angel and Eric have great memories of watching MASH.  Angel used to watch with her Dad all the time.

One of the coolest parts of the museum was outside.  It was awesome to get to see tanks, jeeps, helicopters, planes, etc.  It was even worth braving the cool, rainy weather for a few minutes.

The Holley Museum of Military History is another interesting spot but you are not going to run into it unless you know what you are looking for.  It is housed in the Ramada in downtown Topeka.  The museum is full of dioramma of the various military actions in our country's history.  There was so much to see we could have stayed much longer, I am sure there was detail we missed.  If you are searching for any information on Military History this is the place to check out.  This is a great research facility for any school reports/projects.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you check comments on the stuff you post of not but I wanted to suggest a few things you can see in Hill City. This is my Hometown. There is the Oil Museum across form the Western Hills Motel, There is the Historical Museum on Pomery across from the Courthouse next to the First State Bank, There is also the Old Longfellow Middle School (Used to be the original Memorial High School... First High School in Hill City)

Katrina said...

I don't know if you read the comments on these posts but I though I would give you a few ideas. Hill City is my hometown and there are a few historical sites there. The Oil Museum across the street from the Western Hills Motel, The Historical Museum on Pomeroy across the street from the courthouse next to the First State Bank and the now Old Longfellow Middle School which used to be the Memorial High School (First High School in Hill City) This school is on the condemned list and might be tore down.