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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Svensk Hyllningsfest

October 8 took us to Lindsborg for Svensk Hyllningsfest.  We arrived as the parade was heading down the street and the rain was just beginning.  It sprinkled on and off all day but nothing could damper the feelings and activities.  You really felt like you were in the middle of a Swedish festival when you looked at all the people in authentic Swedish garb walking around. 

The Parade

Every parade should have bag pipers
Besides the normal fun shops along the main street, there were arts and crafts tents and food vendors as well to help you enjoy your day.  The arts and craft vendors didn't just have product to sell.  Many of them were producing more of their product as you watched.  It was fascinating and we could have watched all day.

Eric's favorite craft--a Santa with a hat twisted
by a Kansas tornado

What a cool ice cream maker.
Who knew?
Live music in the arts & crafts tent was awesome!!
It was recommended that we try a Viking on a Stick for lunch.  The line was super long at that food vendor and they actually ran out shortly after we got ours.  The kiddos and Eric tried Viking on a Stick and Angel had Swedish pancakes.  No one was disappointed.  In fact, our son still talks about his Viking on a Stick.
The main stage had entertainment all day--dancers and singers, etc.  We didn't get to see all of it, but did have a chance to see and hear some.
When they said there would be cloggers, we expected grown ups.
Oh well, you have to start somewhere.
We have visited Lindsborg before, but it was Memorial Day, so this time more of the stores were open and we got to see inside the Anatoly Karpov School of Chess and watch dala horses being made.

If you want to learn about chess, the Anatoly Karpov School of Chess is the place for you.  There are tons of chess boards set up for you to practice on and free lessons are offered.  We even got to see a chess game in progress and hear some instruction.  Wish we lived closer.

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