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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wichita Children's Theater

We attended a performance of Chicken Little by the Wichita Children's Theatre.  Angel loves the Wichita Children's Theatre and she and the kiddos look forward to their performance every year.  They always do an interesting twist on a fairy tale and are quite entertaining.  The year Chicken Little was a chicken hawk, not a chicken and it was Henny Penny who thought the sky was falling.  It was an interesting twist, but I (Angel) had a hard time staying focused, because I kept thinking, "That's not right.  It should be Chicken Little."  I thought maybe it was just my normal traumatic brain injury response to change, but the kiddos were confused too.  They thought it should be Chicken Little who thought the sky was falling.

The costumes were amazing as always and a very fun way for actors to change characters.  I think I want a chicken cape and hat for Halloween (or turkey or duck or something)  :)  It is always fun when the cast involves the audience during the play and the audience did not disappoint.  I think the best part of the Wichita Children's Theatre productions is watching the response of the kiddos in the audience.  They really stay involved and watching.

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