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Sunday, October 2, 2011

146. Kansas Long Horn Cattle Drive 2011

The final stop of the Kansas Long Horn Cattle Drive 2011 was Ellsworth on September 17. We couldn't miss the excitement of 400 head of cattle being herded through town or all the town excitement leading up to it. The highlight for Angel was getting to see and spend time talking to a friend she's known since childhood.  While that was happening, the kiddos were taking advantage of the face painting.  Our daughter's face painting freaked lots of people out.  Check out her eyeballs...they're closed!  The clown who did her face did a great job. There were other kids activities, food and craft booths, living history at the museum, an antique tractor show, etc. to help celebrate the day.

We got to see the buffalo soldiers again!!!
Here come the cows!!!  It was quite a site to see 400 head of cattle headed down main street.  They were younger than we expected so their horns weren't nearly as long as we expected to see.  One decided to veer out of line and head our direction.  Maybe she wanted to check out our daughter's face, but Eric stepped out so the cow could see him and the cowboy quickly got her back in line.  Thank goodness for those drovers.  I'm sure glad the cattle didn't decide to stampede!!
Of course they brought Can-Can girls with them
You have to have a clean up crew after 400 head of cattle  :)

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