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Sunday, October 2, 2011

140. Exploring Russell Springs

Our adventure September 4 took us to Russell Springs for Old Settlers Day.  Our first event of the day was the parade. It was fun to watch the cars, tractors, horses, etc. parading down the main street.  We have never experienced a parade that goes by you two times.  The kiddos were excited because this meant more candy.  I think we have collected enough candy during parade season this year to see us well into next year.  We decided to stay home and have fun passing out Halloween candy instead of collecting more this year. 



Our favorite!!

The real reason we chose to go to Russell Springs today was to participate in their Cow Chip Throwing Contest.  This is a very serious contest with registration, rules, and official course, officials, and pros.  You had to pick your chips from the ones they brought--you could not bring your own.  Eric and the kiddos had a great time participating and did well, but not as well as some of the other competitors.   Maybe next year.  It was fun to watch the differnent throwing techniques.  Some chose to throw like a frisbee, or a discus, or a football, or underhanded.  We never could figure out which one worked the best. 

 Old Settlers Day also included a hamburger feed on lawn of the Butterfield Trail Museum.  What a great time to get to set and enjoy the beautiful day and get to talk to some of the local citizens.  Eric and the kiddos even got to explore the Museum.  It unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible, so Angel just had to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful day.  We also found out about the Logan House and were invited to check it out.  It is a beautiful home and is currently used for friends and family, but may one day soon be a Bed & Breakfast.


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