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Sunday, October 2, 2011

142. Midwest Deutsches Oktoberfest

Our adventure September 17 took us to the Midwest Deutsches Oktoberfest at the Ellis County Fairgrounds.  We were thinking, "What??!!  Oktoberfest in September??   But the weather was fallish and the date did not change the atmosphere or German culture.  There was a lot of talk about how the town alcohol laws were going to effect Sunday, but they would not have effected us anyway. 

There was, of course, plenty of German food and music.  If you want to polka, this is the place to be.  We understand they were teaching polka lessons as well as having live music and dancing all day.  We did not partake of the dance, but had a great time anyway.  You can definitely hear the great music all over the fairgrounds.  It definitely makes you feel a part of the German culture.

You can even wear your lederhosen!!
There were exhibits to enjoy throughout our day--although not as many as they had hoped.  The advertising said there would be 40-50 booths.  We did not count, but there were no where close to that many.  This was the first event we have been to this year that had tables set up from the Tea Party political party.  We have heard a lot about it, but never had the chance to actually talk to a member and see what sort of propaganda they had for sale.  The kiddos favorite booth was T.D. Treats where they got cookies and happened to know the baker.
There were all kinds of German food available,
but the kiddos preferred hot dog
There were fun surprises to get to explore and watch and do outside.  We got to see steam engines.  The kiddos got to strip kernels from corn cobs.  And, our son's favorite, was watching them make cement blocks.  What unique experiences that we do not have every day.

Wheat Threshing
We missed watching them shoot the anvil because they changed the time on us and we were watching them make cement blocks at that moment.  But, you could definitely hear it all over the fairground.  We did get the chance to talk to the Anvil shooter about the process, history, and his own experiences.  We found out he is the  World Record Holder to height.  How exciting to actually meet and get to talk to a World Record Holder.  I wonder if he is in the Guinness Book of World Records?  If not, maybe he should be.  :)

Our first sign of fall decor on these adventures.

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