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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

147. Car Races: Big Brothers & Big Sisters Racecars and Superstars

Our adventure September 30 took us to watch the car races, more specifically the Big Brothers and Big Sisters: Race Cars & Superstars.  Many communities around Kansas have car races, we encourage you to find your closest track and go support them.  This was our first adventure to the races as a family.  I think we all agreed it was noisy (even with our ear plugs) and dirty.  The dirt from the track kept blowing in our eyes.  There was a ramp into the stands, for wheelchairs, but we did not use it.  We tried to find a place we could watch the race with as little dirt blowing on us as possible.

It was fun to watch the races and we got to learn some physics while we were watching.  The cars were moving so fast that when they would turn the corner, their back wheels did not always want to follow.  That is definitely physics in action.  We saw one car spin out and not make it around the corner.

 During the Big Brothers & Big Sisters portion of the race I (Angel) couldn't hear the announcer telling about the race.  So, I took out my ear plugs so I could hear.  Well, it did not matter.  I still could not hear the announcer over the racers.  So, just leave your ear plugs in.  Lesson learned.

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