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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

148. Abilene and Smoky Valley Steam Excursion Train

 Part of our adventure on October 1 was getting to ride the Abilene & Smoky Valley Train.  During Chisholm Trail Days Festival, the train was loading in front of the Historical Museum this day.  That was super convenient for Festival goers.  However, the train itself is not wheelchair accessible, but fortunately Angel could get up the stairs with Eric's help.  The depot does have a ramp, so for a much easier time getting on the train, use the depot.  I think that's what we'll do for sure next time.

We got to sit in the dining car and enjoy the view out the windows.  Eric and the kiddos moved to the outside car for the last half of the trip and really got to enjoy the view and the breeze.   We got to ride with the steam engine.  We were told it is one of only 3 running steam engines in the country.  And it happens to be in Kansas so we could use it as an adventure on this trip.  :)  We were told to enjoy the whistle of the train because it is not a sound you get to hear everyday.  But, then we came home and we've heard the whistle every day as the train comes through town.
The view from the train was evidence that drought is a huge problem for this part of the state right now.  I think all of Kansas could use some rain, but some parts of the state are looking drier than others.  We could also see the first signs of leaves turning on the trees.  Fall is really here!
One of the best surprises was seeing a friend we usually only
get to see once a year!
Angel's lonely chair.

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