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Sunday, October 2, 2011

139. Butterfield Trail and Ft. Wallace

Part of our adventure on August 27-28 took us down part of the Butterfield Trail.  We got to see markers for the Butterfield Overland Dispatch and visit the Ft. Wallace Museum

Ft. Wallace Museum was actually a surprise adventure for us this weekend.  It was along our route and we just decided to stop and check it out.  There is a wealth of information inside the museum.    There were all kinds of interesting things to check out.  Angel was fascinated with the story about the German family massacre and found the title of another book she wants to check out:  Girl Captives of the Cheyenne.  We also got to check out a Conestoga Wagon Bed.  How interesting to see the creativity of humans to solve all sorts of problems--including how to move a bed via covered wagon across the plains.
Check out the amazing barbwire art.
Part of the Butterfield Trail

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