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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kansas Weather

We took off on our adventure October 8 trusting the weather man.  The forecast said there would be little to no rain by the time we got to Lindsborg. Well, we were almost there and the rain hadn't stopped. So, we called ahead to discover the rain hadn't gotten to Lindsorg yet and everything was to go on as scheduled.  So, we kept driving.

Well, we must have brought the rain with us because it started sprinkling as we arrived.  It sprinkled off and on all day, but no major downpours.  Gotta love Festival goers--a little rain didn't stop anything.  These people were dedicated and dancing, etc. in costume even with the rain.  Maybe everyone was doing a rain dance.  We sure are thankful for the rain even if it did make the Festival a little wet and prevent us from visiting a pumpkin patch this weekend.  Oh, well, October is not over.  We'll just try again.  The rain is so welcome!!!  Gotta love Kansas weather.  You never know what you will get.

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